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Gestational Surrogacy
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Gestational Surrogacy Programme

Srushti also undertakes Gestational Surrogacy Program which majorly involves the steps given Below:

Step 1: Sourcing of embryo

Embryos can be sourced in three ways:
1. An IVF cycle is performed to the female patient to produce embryos 2. Usage of your previously frozen embryos can be transferred directly into the surrogate. 3. Embryos from an egg donor through egg donation can also be used.

Step 2: Surrogate Prep

Once the best surrogate is chosen she is prepared for Embryo transfer. The preparation charges will be collected during the registration which includes the Surrogate booking and preparations fees and the compensation fees for the surrogate.

Services Included:

Surrogate pre-screening investigations
Endometrial priming
Booking fees
Legal Professional charges for advocate
Preparation of Contract Agreement
Hospital stay for surrogate after embryo transfer
Disposables for Embryo Transfer
Surrogate nursing care
Pregnancy tests
Compensation fees for the surrogate

* If unfortunately, the result becomes negative, the compensation to be paid to the surrogate is covered in this fee.

Stage III: Expecting the Good News
If the result turns out to be positive then the surrogate mother will be given good accommodation for the next 9 months where she will be monitored periodically. All her needs during these months are taken care of so that she remains happy and comfortable. You may also spend time with the surrogate if you so wish.

What are the maintenance charges for the Surrogate during pregnancy?
Ultrasound scans to monitor the development
Medicines and drugs for support during pregnancy
Accommodation and nourishing diet for a healthy foetus

Srushti provides all these at the best possible prices. Also the payment for maintenance is to be paid every trimester.

Delivering your DREAM CHILD:
The date of delivery will be intimated to you and you can arrive on that day to receive your little bundle of joy. The delivery charges will be actuals and should be paid by the intended parents.

Compensating the Surrogate Mother:
The compensation fees will be settled to the Surrogate mother which was finalized with the surrogate while signing the contract agreement. This cost will be incurred by you, if the surrogate achieves positive pregnancy and carries it to full term and delivers the baby. The compensation will be settled in 3 installments, i.e. every trimester the surrogate will receive a 1/3rd of the accepted compensation fees. If unfortunately, something goes wrong during the pregnancy, the intended couple can stop paying the compensation and maintenance fees.

  The joy of life that springs
when those tiny
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The joy of losing yourself in
those bright shiny eyes full
of innocence
  The joy of being a mother...  
- At Srushti Fertility Centre
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